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Basketball Recreational Program Overview

Welcome to CDC Basketball!

The Carmel Dads’ Club Recreational Basketball Program is designed for players of all skill levels. Our goal is to teach the great game of basketball in an environment where teamwork, sportsmanship, fun and love of the game are emphasized.


Basketball is offered for both boys and girls from PreK  - 12th grade Carmel residents.

Boys League Breakdown Girls League Breakdown
PreK PreK-1st Grade Combined
Kindergarten 2nd/3rd Grade Combined
1st Grade 4th/5th Grade Combined
2nd Grade 6th/7th/8th Grade Combined
3rd Grade High School League
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade  
7th Grade  
8th Grade  
Freshman League  
High School League  

Players at the Prek level must be 4 by November 1st to participate.

Players that make a middle or high school team are not eligible to participate in in both CDC and school team.  Refunds will be issued to those players. Please contact the CDC Office for more information or to request a refund if you made a school team. 

The basketball season typically starts mid-November and concludes early March. Some of the leagues that do not have playoffs will end in February.  Post season play which could include a tournament or all stars will be offered at some age levels. Younger age levels including Prek and KDG Boys/Girls do not have playoffs or all stars/tournament. For questions about post season play please contact the office or your age level commissioner.

Practices Start for most leagues- Nov 20th
Games start Dec 7 
Some leagues have a later start: Prek, KDG Boys, 9th boys, 10th-12th Boys, 6th-8th girls. 

Sport Fee: $95 per season.  In addition to the sports fee, families are asked to pay an membership fee of $50 once per year.  All families are required to volunteer during the season, but can choose to opt-out of volunteering by paying $25.

Carmel Dads' club requires every family to pay $25 or work a two-hour shift in the concession stand for a sporting event.  Athletes whose parents serve as a league commissioner, head coach or team sponsor are exempt from this requirement. There are no concession stands at the elementary or middle schools but due to our agreement with CCS to use their facilities we agree to staff all sporting events for Carmel HS. 


Registration for Basketball is open first week in September through October 22. Late fees start October 23

 *Refund Policy – If you register your child(ren) for one of our sports programs and then opt for them not to participate, refund requests are granted AS LONG AS the refund request is made by Oct 31.  Refunds are NOT given if requested after Oct 31 unless there is a medical reason you child cannot participate and a doctors note is provided.  For more information or if you have questions or concerns regarding this refund policy, please contact the office.

All leagues will have one practice per week and a Saturday game except boys PreK and Kindergarten Leagues.  These age groups will have one preseason practice and will then have 15 minutes of practice prior to each Saturday game.

Every gym in the Carmel-Clay school system is used to accommodate the 2500 children that participate in our basketball program. It is only through the excellent rapport between the school district and CDC that we are able to provide such an extensive program. Practice locations cannot be requested.

Practice locations will be selected by coaches based on time and gym space availability.  Games locations will be held at the various elementary schools and will be provided when the team schedule is released. East/West locations cannot be guaranteed due to the different gym configurations/rim heights

Carmel Dads’ Club will provide uniform shirts.  Players are asked to supply their own basketball.

 Ball Size League Division

27.5 Size Ball

Boys and Girls PreK-1st

28.5 Size Ball

Boys 2nd– 6th Grade, Girls 2nd - 12th

29.5/Full Size Ball

Boys 7th - 12th


8 Foot

Boys PreK and K

Girls Pre-K-1st, Boys 1st Grade

9 Foot

Boys 2nd

Girls 2nd/3rd

10 Foot

Boys 3rd-12th

Girls 3rd-12th


2019-20 Rec Basketball Commissioners

League Name Email Name Email
Boys Leagues Girls Leagues
Prek Boys Mitch Manders [email protected] Prek-1st Girls Aaron Welch [email protected]
KDG Boys Kristin Maguire [email protected] 2nd-3rd Girls Katherine Malarsky [email protected]
1st Boys Todd Schmidt [email protected] 4th-5th Girls Randie Bonwell [email protected]
2nd Boys Kyle Monke [email protected] 6th-8th Girls Ann Szymanski [email protected]
3rd Boys Jen Robeson [email protected] Hs Girls Nick Schrader [email protected]
4th Boys Lin Pugh [email protected]
5th Boys Joe Polley [email protected]
6th Boys Paige McGinley [email protected]
7th Boys Mark Salzinger [email protected]
8th Boys Jeff Keen [email protected]
9th Boys Curtis shirley [email protected]
10th-12th Boys Paul Wright [email protected]
Brian Hayes [email protected]

additional CDC Basketball Programs

The Basketball Rec Plus program is offered to boys 3rd-5th grade. This program is run in addition to the to the regular rec league program.  It is designed to give those players interested an opportunity to play extra games on Saturdays or Sundays in an increased competitive environment.  Those selected will have a team practice every Friday evening and 1 rec game each Saturday in addition to a rec plus game at Grand Park. There is an additional assessment for the rec plus program.  Rec Plus players will be selected by team tryouts. Rec plus teams will be formed if there are enough players available to field a competitive team. 

The Carmel Pups Travel Basketball Program is basketball at the competitive level. Teams will travel and play throughout the state of Indiana.  The travel program is offered for boys grades 2nd -6th and girls grades 2nd - 6th. Teams practice 2 or 3 nights per week with games on Saturday and Sunday.  There is an additional assessment for the travel teams.  Pups players will be selected by team tryouts.


1ST GRADE GIRLS- game schedule provided by coaches. Games held on 2/22 and 2/29



4TH-5TH GRADE GIRLS- game schedule provided by coaches. Games held 2/24-3/7

2019-20 Tournament Brackets

3rd Grade Boys Gold Tournament
3rd Grade Boys Silver Tournament

4th Grade Boys Gold Tournament 
4th Grade Boys Silver Tournament 

5th Grade Boys Gold Tournament - UPDATED 2/16/20
5th Grade Boys Silver Tournament 

4th-5th Grade Girls Gold Tournament
4th-5th Grade Girls Silver Tournament

6th Grade Boys Gold Tournament
6th Grade Boys Silver Tournament

6th-8th Grade Girls Gold Tournament 
6th-8th Grade Girls Silver Tournament

7th Grade Boys Gold Tournament
7th Grade Boys Silver Tournament 

8th Grade Boys Tournament 

9th Grade Boys Gold Tournament 
9th Grade Boys Silver Tournament

HS Girls Tournament 

HS Boys Gold Tournament 
HS Boys Silver Tournament 
HS Boys Bronze Tournament


All families are asked to fulfill a volunteer obligation by working as Head Coach, Team Sponsor, Sport Commissioner, Concession Worker or paying the Opt-Out Fee when they have a child playing in this sport.

Volunteer coaches are needed for every team. Please consider volunteering as head coach when registering your child. 

Head Coaches are asked to attend a coaches meeting before the season starts and will receive rosters, schedule and uniforms. Coaches will sign up for their practice time from available times and locations.
Criminal Background Check Required

We are also in need of parents that are willing to assistant coach or be time/score keeper from time to time. These volunteers do not receive credit as the head coach does but we appreciate their willingness to step in and serve. 
Criminal Background Check Required

We are currently looking for grade level commissioners for the season.  If you are interested, please contact the office 317 846-1663
Criminal Background Check Required



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